Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in both cannabis and industrial hemp. While marijuana contains high levels of the psychoactive cannabinoid known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and only trace amounts of CBD, the hemp plant contains high levels of CBD and only trace amounts of THC. Because CBD products contain such small amounts of THC occasional use should not result in a positive drug test. However, if CBD products containing trace amounts of THC are used daily, there is a chance that the accumulation of THC in the bloodstream over time could result in a positive drug test. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the cutoff level of THC to pass a drug test is 50 ng/mL.

CBD Drug Test

Reasons for Failing a Drug Test with CBD

The most common type of drug test is urine test. To pass this type of drug test, the amount of THC in your body must be below 50 ng/mL; the cutoff recommended by the National Institutes of Health and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Some factors which may cause you to fail a drug test when using CBD products include:

  1. Using products containing THC
  2. Cross contamination of THC
  3. Mislabeling of Products
  4. Secondhand exposure to THC
  5. Your body break down of CBD Oil

Because THC is fat soluble when it is ingested (especially in an edible product or as a drop of oil under the tongue) it can be stored in your fatty tissue along with other fats. It is possible for enough THC to accumulate in your body and trigger a positive drug test depending on how much you consume, the frequency with which you consume it, your body weight, and your diet. It is possible for THC to be detected in your system as quickly as four to six days after consumption, and up to 30 days. One of the most common reasons CBD products cause consumers to fail drug tests is because they contain more than the .3% THC that is legally allowed. 100% pure CBD, with all traces of THC removed, will not register on a drug test.

How can I avoid a positive drug test result?

The only way to assure yourself of THC not showing up in a drug test would be to avoid all products containing even a small trace of THC. However, there are steps you can take to limit your exposure, such as doing your research.

  1. When buying products containing CBD, be sure to buy from a reputable company using organically grown, pesticide free hemp for their products and using a legitimate product manufacturer located in the United States.
  2. Be sure to check the label for the allowable amount of THC; hemp products cannot legally contain more than 0.3 percent THC. Because the legal CBD product market is so new, most companies are not yet regulated by the FDA, so it pays to do your due diligence.

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate

You may have heard these terms relative to CBD products and wondered about the differences between them. Simply stated, when every part of the hemp plant is used, the resulting products are considered to be full spectrum. Broad spectrum products contain some, but not all, of the plant properties, and isolate is a product that has been distilled down to a pure white powder.

At CBD to Wellness, our high quality full spectrum CBD products are all made from hemp grown organically without pesticides or herbicides in the USA. Our products are safe, legal, non-psychoactive, 100% organic, and made in the USA. If you are looking for hemp-derived CBD oil and other products, shop our selection of top quality hemp-derived CBD products today.

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