Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate 240mg (Hemp Extract)

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate 240mg (Hemp Extract)

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About Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate

The Gold Label Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate is a raw hemp gel that doesn't contain any additives or extra ingredients. Just pure, organic naturally occurring phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes made in the USA that is solvent free. This raw hemp oil extract uses a CO2 extraction process, producing the rawest version of hemp oil and a concentration of 240mg of pure CBD.

This 1-gram CBD concentrate is a raw hemp oil extract and is a more powerful form of CBD as it does not contain any additional ingredients that our bodies have to filter out. Derived from premium quality hemp oil, our CBD concentrate gel is designed for experienced CBD users seeking a pure and raw version of CBD for specific usages. It takes only a small portion, the size of a grain of rice, to equal an 8mg serving of CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate 240mg Details

  • Size: 1g
  • CBD Concentration: 240mg full spectrum CBD
  • 100% Organic Hemp Extract
  • Easy-to-Measure Safety-Sealed Applicator
  • Made in USA
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) 


Raw (CBD + CBDa) Hemp Oil Extract

Suggested Use

Manufacturer’s recommended serving size for this CBD Concentrate 240mg is the size of a grain of rice (8mg) to be taken below the tongue, once or twice daily. As there is no standard serving size for hemp oil as the amount of CBD can vary from person to person. We recommend starting with the manufacturer’s recommended dosage and then adjusting the serving size until you find the perfect amount for you.

Do not take if pregnant. Keep out of the reach of children.